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I am 73h P3224!

I pwn j00.

15 September
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I like stuff.
'30s, 1960's, 60's rock, 70's, 70's rock, a chorus line, abba, acid rock, acting, adobe photoshop, agent smith, akhal-tekes, ancient civilizations, ancient history, androids, anime, apophis, arabian horses, athiesm, badgers, being your overlord, black books, blackadder, bois, brent spiner, british comedy, british mannerisms, british people, broadway, cabaret, chess, chicago, chocolat, coldplay, data, david bowie, dirk gently, disney, doctor who, dom deluise, don imus, donovan, douglas adams, dune, elijah wood, elves, elvish, farscape, frazer hines, gay bois, goa'uld, godspell, graphic design, grease, haku, haldir, harry/draco, headbutting people, holodeck, horses, indiana jones, iolaus, j.r.r tolkien, jack sparrow, jack/daniel, jack/sam, jamie mccrimmon, jamiroquai, jedi, jesus christ superstar, johnny depp, loggods, lord of the rings, martouf, mccoy/spock, mel brooks, micallef tonight, michael shanks, mod, monty python, munt, music, musical theatre, musicals, my fair lady, mythology, nirrti, norse mythology, odd british people, odd people, odd things, odd words, orlando bloom, pagans, peter deluise, pink floyd, pirates of the caribbean, poking things, queen, queer as folk, queer eye, randomness, replicators, rocky horror picture show, science fiction, sesame street, shaun micallef, silly words, skadi, slash, smith smitty-smythe, spaceballs, spirited away, spock, star trek, star wars, stargate fanfiction, stargate sg-1, stargate sg1, telephones, terry pratchett, the beatles, the matrix, the moody blues, the muppets, the one ring, the simpsons, the who, theatre, tolkein, trench coats, urgo, vogon poetry, vulcans, weebl and bob, west side story, will & grace, x-men, xena, yaks, yaoi, yoda